Guests, restaurant owners or organizers should have more fun and a worry-free and stress-free experience.

What is it?

Screenshot of order screen for waiters and guests

Take orders as waiter or guest

After a location with products and tables has been created, orders can be taken as waiter.

For guests unique URLs and QR codes can be generated and printed for each table to allow self-ordering.

The products are entered before and guests only need to select the number. Alternatively, a comment on the purchase order may be entered.

Screenshot of order processing screen

Processing orders

Orders are displayed and processed in real time. A tap/click on a product changes the status.

Screenshot of order status for waiters and guests

Check order status in real time

Waiters and guests can check the order status in real time and see which orders have been placed at the table.

Waiters have the possibility to accept payment and checkout payed products for each table.

How does it work?

How to start?
If you have beta access you can create locations, products for each location and generate tables. You need to generate tables to make it work for waiters and guests.
How does Order Link help with the ordering process?
Allowing self-ordering by guests reduce errors, saves resources and increases guest satisfaction. Order Link is user-friendly and easy to use.
What do I need?
You need an Order Link account and mobile devices for your waiters and to process orders. If you want to make self-ordering available to your guest just give them the short URL or QR code form the specific table. Prepared sheets can be printend in the admin panel.
What is the concrete order process?
Currently, it is recommended that there is a leader for each area, who has an overview of the orders and give instructions to helpers. Helpers can prepare orders and then bring them to the appropriate tables. Waiters can always be directly with the guests and respond better to their needs.
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Demo shows order process for guests. Waiters use a similar interface, but can checkout products and can choose tables by number.


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